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Command Line Parameters

BandiView.EXE provides the following command line parameters:

# BandiView.exe <file_or_folder>
# BandiView.exe <file_or_folder1> <file_or_folder2> [...]
# BandiView.exe <command> [<switches>...] <file_or_folder> [<file_or_folder>...]


Use the path of an image file, folder where images are located, or archive (e.g. ZIP, 7Z, RAR file) where images are archived.


The following commands are available:

/open Open an image file (optional)
/setup Open the configuration
/nop Do nothing
/cmdfile Read command lines from the specified file


The following switches are available:

- Stop switch parsing. Hereafter consider parameters starting with - as a path name
-fg Bring the app window to the front
-maximize Run the app in maximized window
-fullscreen Run the app in full screen
-r Recurse subdirectories
Open all files in the specified folder and its subfolders
-p:{password} Enter a password to open the encrypted archive
-mode:{MODE} Specify a view mode
Available modes: fit2window, 100, fit2width, l2r, r2l, webtoon
Start a slideshow
e.g. BandiView.exe -ss:3.5 c:\photos\
-page:{page_idx} Move to a specified page
-select:{path_name} Select the specified files
e.g. BandiView.exe /open -select:c:\image\2.jpg c:\image\1.jpg c:\image\2.jpg
BandiView.exe /open -select:c:\image\|1.jpg c:\image\1.jpg c:\image\


Open an image file, or images located in a folder or archive.

BandiView /open c:\folder\image.jpg

BandiView c:\folder\image.jpg

BandiView c:\folder\

BandiView c:\folder

Use clipboard: instead of file paths to open images stored in the clipboard.
This supports bitmap data, files copied by File Explorer, or file paths in the text format.

BandiView /open clipboard:

Use | (pipe) to open images.

type c:\temp\test.jpg | "C:\Program Files\BandiView\BandiView.exe"

magick.exe test.jpg png: | "C:\Program Files\BandiView\BandiView.exe"

Specify more than one folder and open files in all of them.

BandiView c:\folder1\ d:\folder2\ e:\folder3

Open all files in the specified folder and its subfolders.

BandiView -r c:\folder

Open files in the encrypted archive. The correct password is required.

BandiView -p:password c:\folder\

Specifiy a view mode and open a file.

BandiView -mode:fit2window c:\folder\test.jpg

Start a slideshow in full screen, and set the time duration for each slide on 10 seconds.

BandiView -fullscreen -ss:10 c:\photos

Read and execute command lines from the specified file.

BandiView /cmdfile "c:\my commandline file.txt"