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Honeycam version history - v1(2014~2016)

v1.04 10/10/2016

  • Some GIF files played slowly if they were set to over 50 FPS in Honeycam.
  • Minor bugs are fixed

v1.03 12/29/2015

  • Honeycam is now able to resize the recording window using Ctrl + Mouse Wheel.
  • Improved the DPI-Aware compatibility when using multiple monitors.
  • Added the Arabic and Czech language files. Many thanks to محمد عبد العزيز and باندی سافت.
  • Bug fixed - Honeycam had a minor bug with the Animation WebP format.

v1.02 07/06/2015

  • Added the Slovak language file by PEPEK, PEŠISOFT SK.
  • Bug fixed - the final frames of the animated images' quality was poor when saving as WebP.
  • Minor bugs are fixed

v1.01 05/11/2015

  • Added the Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian and Turkish language files.
    - Many thanks to Armin Ajkunić, URIEL, YanJun Sun, Matko Barišić, Henny, باندی سافت, lechti64, Zuzu_Typ, Zityi, Styb, Perez71, João Nunes, Matrix, Jadran Rudec and yasalprogram.
  • Minor bugs are fixed

v1.0 Beta 43 04/09/2015

  • Added a feature to display a screen in progress while saving a file
  • Added a feature to change the file name rules in the Advanced options
  • Added an option to remember the location of Record window / Edit window
  • Added a feature to upload a saved GIF file to a free image upload service (Imgur/Gfycat)
  • Improved security by using SSL when checking a version and updating
  • Changed to allow the set-up of negative numbers for text watermark margins
  • Minor bugs are fixed

v1.0 Beta 41 03/30/2015

  • Added a playback slider on the Edit window
  • Added a playback feature on the Cutting window
  • Added a "tilting" option to the text input feature
  • Added and changed several editing shortcuts to R/T/C/E
  • Added a feature to remember the current location and to restore it
  • Added a feature to "open a saved file with a Web browser / Honeyview" after saving a file
  • Added a feature to copy and paste to the clipboard when an image is right-clicked in the Edit window
  • Restored a feature to "remember current location" that was removed
  • Changed the default FPS from 10 to 15
  • fixed the bug that the frame time was not restored properly when undo is done after using reducing some frames.
  • Fixed the problem that causes screen cracks to appear while saving a file as GIF if there are very slight changes in motion.
  • Fixed the bug that the saved file is not visible in Explorer after being created.
  • fixed the bug that combines the same images into one image when importing images

v1.0 Beta 40 03/20/2015

  • Added the undo fea
  • Added a feature to blur out an area
  • Added the Advanced Settings tab in Settings
  • Added a feature to move/copy to the front/back after selecting a frame
  • Added a feature that allows direct quality settings from the file saving dialog
  • Changed the name from Out of Focus to Iris Blur
  • Improved to record with greater accuracy for time
  • fixed the bug that some fonts were not visible when selecting fonts
  • fixed the bug that saved a broken image file when an image with an alpha channel is loaded
  • fixed the bug that the Edit tab playback and Save dialog playback were slightly slower

v1.0 Beta 39 03/12/2015

  • Added a feature to move a recording window when the mouse is moved while the Ctrl+Alt keys are pressed
  • Added a feature to make an image translucent while dragging a cross from an effect window
  • Added a feature to save frames by right clicking on the mouse from a frame list
  • Unified methods for the quality settings of image formats
  • Changed the method for creating watermarks
  • Removed the feature that supports BPG format
  • Improved the internal authentication method

v1.0 Beta 36 02/16/2015

  • Added a user-customized FPS feature
  • Added the "screen transition effect" feature
  • Added a preview feature when adjusting the size
  • Added the out focus / clear / miniature filters
  • Added a feature to move to a vignette filter area
  • Added a feature to adjust the brightness and contrast
  • Added various filters, such as "soft focusing," to an imaging effect
  • Improved a feature to preview from the Edit window during watermark set-up
  • Improved the internal canvas processing method
  • Improved the soft-focus filter
  • Added a feature to cut (crop)
  • Fixed a license authentication problem that occurred from several PCs
  • fixed the bug wherein the black screen is being displayed when the flash effect is used

v1.0 Beta 30 01/22/2015

  • Added a feature to move to the first frame if the down arrow key is pressed from the last frame on a list and a set-up option was also added
  • Added a feature to set up the memory size to be used for editing and a feature to display memory usage on the Edit tab
  • Added a feature to the pop-up frame time set-up dialog when it is double-clicked from a frame list
  • Added a feature to save the current data and a restoring feature
  • Added a pop-up menu on the Edit tab
  • Added a feature to save as BPG
  • Added a shortcut for pause
  • Added a feature to pause while recording
  • Added a feature to combine a number of animation files
  • Added a feature to set up the maximum recording time
  • Slightly improved the quality when saving as WebP format
  • Greatly improved the speed greatly because of multi-core support when saving as WebP format
  • Improved design (continued)
  • Assigned a Ctrl+R shortcut to "Adjusting size"

v1.0 Beta 25 12/31/2014

  • Added a feature to set up the WebM quality
  • Added a notification message for license purchase
  • Added a feature that supports the bmp format from the Load Images feature
  • Improved the process to delete a created file if it was canceled while saving
  • Improved to display a memory insufficient message if the memory is not enough
  • Improved the file saving window
  • Improved the file saving screen
  • Improved the screen for loading an image file
  • Provided a feature to change the file name from the file saving screen
  • Changed the Always on Top settings to be applied only for the Record tab
  • fixed the bug that saved a file as lossless when it is saved as WebP from Beta 23

v1.0 Beta 17 11/20/2014

  • Added a feature that displays a check box on a button when logos or text are inserted
  • Added a dithering option for less problems while capturing dark images
  • Added a feature to reduce the number of frames
  • Added a feature to load still images
  • Changed the GIF default dithering speed

v1.0 Beta 15 10/23/2014

  • Added a feature to save as WebM format
  • Added a feature to load an animated WebP image that was saved
  • Added a feature to open an animation file from the command line parameter
  • Added a feature that displays the video information
  • Added a feature to hide an area on the right side
  • Added a feature to set up the GIF/WEBP quality
  • Added a Space key as shortcuts for Play/Stop
  • Added a feature to save as lossless WebP
  • Improved the yo-yo feature
  • Improved the method for displaying the number of frames on Edit window
  • Changed to display an image in the middle of a canvas window
  • Reduced the size of the top area of the Capture window

v1.0 Beta 13 09/26/2014

  • Added "Reverse, 10% faster/slower" features on the Edit tab
  • Added a feature that changes the size of captured images
  • Added the size indicator message feature after saving
  • Added the feature to switch tabs with Ctrl+Tab keys
  • Added the feature for inserting text on an image
  • Added the feature to remember the last tab used
  • Added the feature to open a previous GIF file
  • Added a feature to set up the time per frame
  • Added a feature to insert a logo on an image
  • Added the feature to view two times faster
  • Added the yo-yo effect feature
  • Improved the capture window UI
  • Improved the Edit window UI
  • Improved to reduce a GIF’s file size without quality deterioration while images are partially updated
  • Greatly reduced the GIF file size without quality deterioration by improving the file-saving method
  • Combined the Record window UI with the main window
  • Rearranged the buttons on the Record window
  • Changed the recording time limit to 30 seconds
  • Changed ms to sec as the time unit
  • Changed the license policy
  • Renewed the interface

v1.0 Beta 4 07/30/2014

  • Add a simple editing feature
  • Added the canceling feature while saving a file
  • Added the feature that reduces the size of a GIF file as current data is not saved if the frames are the same as the previous frames
  • Improved the GIF saving speed by parallelizing the threads
  • Improved the timer to make it more accurate
  • Included a 64-bit binary in a package
  • Support for WebP format recording

v1.0 Beta 1 07/26/2014

  • Initial release