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What is the maximum recording time?

The paid version of Honeycam's recording time has no limitations. However, because Honeycam holds all video data on the PC's memory, maximum recording time may vary by your system's memory space.

For example, when you record a 640x480 size video, 1.1MB of memory(640x480x4=1228800=1.17MB/frame) are used per frame since each pixel uses 4 Bytes. So, 640x480x30fps video needs 35MB(35.15MB/sec) per second.

On the other hand, when you record a 320x240x15fps video, it requires only 4.39 MB per second. (320x240x4x30=4.39MB/sec)

Here is a sample video that is recorded in 800x600 size for 1 minute. The whole frames are 1476 frames, and the memory usage was 2.63GB. (Result GIF size is 32MB)

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In conclusion, a typical PC with 64-bit CPU and 8GB of memory can record 1-2 minutes for HD videos or 5-10 minutes for low-quality videos.